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terça-feira, 28 de junho de 2011

domingo, 19 de junho de 2011

Sam Hill Ultra Cilista

Relato de SAM:

consegui pedalar 114km... fui de Paulinia cidade onde moro até Arthur Nogueira regiao de Holambra Mogi Mirim passando por aguas de Lindóia.. pela SP-340 . rodovia paulista que é um tapetão o paraiso das speeds..
durante 35km + ou - consegui acompanhar o pelotão, depois ficou eu e um camarada para traz...
Cara foi o pedal mais doido que já fiz na minha vida... consegui romper a barreira dos 100km.. cheguei em casa nao conseguia subir escada...tava muito cansado... mas valeu a pena.....

Pra quem não sabe Sam Hill perdeu 89kg desde que tomou a decisão de deixar a vida sedentária.
Faça como Sam, se tiver alguma aventura legal envie para nossa redação, sua aventura vai ser publicada no blog PLBIKERS.

Ahhhhh!!!! Como é bom Pedalar

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2011

2012 Rockshox Technologies – Shocks, Posts – Carbon, New Travel, more

2012 Rockshox Monarch Carbon Fiber rear shock for mountain bikes
While all the new Rockshox forks and internal tech will make the front end of your lighter and squishier, the other half of the equation brings up the rear quite nicely.
Shown above, the new Monarch Carbon takes a page from DT Swiss and adds a carbon-bodied air canister to their XC shock lineup. For the gravity set, there’s an all new Kage coil shock that’s pegged as a budget performer that’s been getting plenty of race testing under their sponsored riders as proof of concept.
And sitting directly between you and your shock is the revised Reverb with new features and a shorter 100mm travel option, too. Make the jump to see it all…
2012 Rockshox Monarch Carbon Fiber rear shock for mountain bikes
The carbon air can is half the weight of the aluminum one, putting the Monarch Carbon in at 200g for the RCT3, 15g lighter than the standard version.


2012 Rockshox rear shock mountain bike suspension lineup chart with air and coil shocks


2012 Rockshox Reverb with new Enduro Collar travel limiter and shorter 100mm option
For 2012, Reverb gets a shorter 100mm travel option (original is 125mm and is still available). It also gets the Enduro Collar, that silver clamp on the ones above, which lets you preset how far it’ll drop if you need a shorter stopping point. There’s also a new hose/head fitting that improves durability, faster action at the quickest setting and an all black option that makes everything chrome above ano black. We’ve had a little time on a Reverb and it’s definitely one of the smoothest rides out there.


2012 Rockshox Monarch and Monarch Plus White rear shocks for mountain bikes
The Monarch (left) and Monarch Plus remain relatively unchanged save for the new white color option. Both have a high volume air can option. Claimed weight is 215g for the Monarch RT3 and 325g for the Monarch Plus RC3. The Plus gets the external oil volume and same damping as their bigger Vivid air shocks.


2012 Rockshox Kage coil over budget rear shock with high end features
The Kage is an entirely new rear shock RS marketing man Tyler Morland says has received quite a bit of time on the race circuit. It’s a budget shock – pricing is not set yet, but it’s meant to be “entry level” – with many of the higher end features like Dual Flow rebound and external oil reservoir. It’s designed to match up with the Domain and Domain Dual Crown forks.
2012 Rockshox Kage coil over budget rear shock with high end features
Two models will be available – R and RC – with external Rebound and Rebound/Compression controls respectively.


Click to enlarge the chart for full weights and specs on each model option.
2012 Rockshox rear shock weights specs and options chart and reverb adjustable height seatpost weight and specs

Spy Shots! 2012 Specialized Epic 29er w/ Kashima Future Shock and SID 29er BRAIN Fork!

2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals
Spied at the BURN 24 Hour this weekend under an East Coast test rider (don’t worry WD, we got the OK from our Specialized guy to post this), the 2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er sports some seriously upgraded suspension hardware.
From the looks of things, the frame stays virtually unchanged from the 2011 model, though the rider said there were some minor tweaks to the layup. The big changes come with the spec, particularly the suspension. Up front, Specialized wasted no time in getting together with Rockshox to develop a SID 29er fork with their BRAIN internals. In the back, their FutureShock, made by Fox, gets the Kashima treatment. From there, this bike was built up with some of WD’s personally goodies, like gold Industry Nine hubs and spokes with Specialized’s carbon fiber rims, so what you’re seeing here isn’t what’s likely to show up on your showroom floor, but the frame and suspension most likely will.
More pics behind the break…

2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals
2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals 2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals
Specialized’s BRAIN Fade puts the rebound at the top (red knob on crown) and “compression” controls on the bottom to control the amount of effort required to break open the inertia valve. Given that Specialized and Rockshox already have partnered on a 29er fork that gets a FACT carbon crown, I’m guessing this one is the same (It looks the same but has no markings). It’s definitely tapered, though. It’s worth mentioning that this one uses the standard 9mm QR, which seems like an odd choice given the availability of a 15mm thru-axle for the 2012 SID 29er, especially since the rear end uses their custom 12×142 rear axle. It’s lighter, but still…
2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals 2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with Kashima coated future shock and Rockshox SID 29er with BRAIN internals
Visually, the only obvious change from the 2011 spec is the Kashima coating, which is getting expanded OEM placement for 2012. That said, there could be internal tune changes. Talking to the rider, the point of sending this bike over to the East Coast is to test the bike with more rapid-fire compressions and bumps than what’s found on a lot of western trails, something Wilkesboro’s Dark Mountain trail provides aplenty with closely spaced roots and rocks on both the climbs and descents.
2012 Specialized S-Works Epic 29er prototype with gold Industry Nine wheels with Specialized carbon fiber rims
The wheels are built up by nearby Industry Nine with Specialized’s carbon fiber rims. With a claimed weight around 21.3lbs for the 2011 Epic S-Works 29er, I’m guessing this bad boy could end up just about 20lbs for the top of the line model when they’re officially unveiled later this summer. Of course, the current top of the line model also carries a $9,900 MSRP, so there’s a chance it’ll top $10K, too. Note the prototype Fast Track tires, too.
I’m guessing the fork will end up with color-matched graphics, too.
UPDATE FROM INDUSTRY NINE: The wheels use their standard 12×142 rear axle option, which will work with any Specialized or other 12×142 axle bike, the special marketing/branding for the Specialized system refers to their hub/axle that will only work on their bikes. And if you’re hoping to get a set built up on those carbon rims, forget it. They’re not ever going to offer it, and that comes straight from the source.

2012 Scott Spark Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 26″ and 29er!

ed by Tyler (Editor) - June 8, 2011 - 5pm EDT

2012 Scott Spark 29er full carbon full suspension mountain bike
Scott’s Spark full suspension bike gets 29er wheels, new suspension design for 2012. Photo: O2Bikers
Scott Bikes just held their first press launch for the completely redesigned Spark full suspension mountain bikes, and the model gets a new suspension design and a 29er big brother for 2012!
Honestly, we knew this was coming, but were politely asked to keep it mum until things got official, which we didn’t think was happening until their U.S. press camp in July. These images come courtesy of O2Bikers, who got in early at their Italian press camp.
With a frame weight of just 1790g (26″ w/ shock and remote hardware) and only 1890g for the 29er, this will no doubt be another gram shaving battle between Scott and Cannondale’s new Scalpel 29er. And we do love a good fight. Get scrappy after the break…
2012 Scott Spark 26" full suspension mountain bike
The 26" Scott Spark looks virtually identical to the new 29er model. Photo: O2Bikers.
Both bikes get updated to the latest standards, including PressFit BB, tapered headtube and, like it or not, direct mount brake tabs on the rear.
Scott extended the partnership with DT Swiss started with the dual chamber pull shock on their Genius freeride bikes. The new Scales get Nude, a new dual travel shock (if our translation is correct, anyway) that uses a small secondary chamber to offer a short 70mm travel setting and a longer 120mm (100mm on the 29er) travel setting controlled by a handlebar remote.
Up front, they get the new SID with Rockshox’s new RCT3 three-position compression damping and Motion Control DNA. The 26″ bike gets 120mm front travel, which we’re pretty excited to see on a lightweight XC-race oriented bike, and 100mm on the 29er.
We’ll get all the official info directly from Scott by the time their U.S. press camp rolls around, and since we’ll miss being at the actual camp, Tyler will get some first ride impressions in late July at DealerCamp. More as we get it.

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2011

2012 ja chegou

Alguns modelos 2012 já podem ser vistos na Internet, confira:

Specialized Fate

Enfim a yeti fez um bike bonita... Yeti SB66

segunda-feira, 6 de junho de 2011

Joguinho DH

terça-feira, 24 de maio de 2011

Autorizado o transporte de bicicletas no metrô de BH

(Disponivel em: )

A partir desta semana, ciclistas de Belo Horizonte e da Região Metropolitana já podem embarcar no metrô da capital com a bicicleta. De acordo com a Companhia Brasileira de Trens Urbanos (CBTU), de segunda a sexta-feira, o horário permitido é a partir de 20h30.

Aos sábados, as bicicletas ficam liberadas nos trens às 14h. Nos domingos e feriados a permissão vale para todo o horário de operação do metrô, de 5h15 às 23h.
Para o especialista de trânsito, Ricardo de Souza, o horário permitido é um erro. “Serve só para o lazer, porque ninguém vai trabalhar depois das 20h de bicicleta, nem vai para a escola. E a bicicleta seria um meio de transporte útil para essas pessoas”, afirma.
A bicicleta vem ganhando força em centros urbanos onde o transito está cada vez mais lento. 

Segundo a coordenadora da CBTU, Cláudia Haddad, o serviço está em fase de teste e talvez pode ser ampliado. “Esse regulamento que implantamos vai durar seis meses e, a partir desse tempo, vamos verificar se há possibilidade de ampliar um pouco o horário”, explicou.
A esperança é que "Que o meio ambiente não seja visto como mais uma camada de dificuldade para o desenvolvimento, mas como a única forma do desenvolvimento ser de fato sustentável para todos os segmentos da sociedade."